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Jennifer Malpass

Evaluation Specialist

My role

I am an Evaluation Specialist and the lead for community-based methods at Co-Lab, the Academy's centre for evaluation, training and and research methods for community-based research and improvement. My role involves supporting the design and delivery of high quality rapid evaluations. I also work with communities, partners and organisations to facilitate community ownership of research and improvement through peer research.

My responsibilities

Working with organisations to design and deliver evaluations, using rapid-evaluation methods to give them accessible and actionable findings fast. Making research accessible for all, supporting people in our communities to research areas affecting them the most. Working in partnership with people, communities and organisations to try new methods for community-based research to improve community health and social care.

My background

I am a registered dental nurse with more than 25 years experience. This has included extensive work with local community partners (family hubs, schools, care homes, charity organisations) to encourage community-based action to improve oral health. I completed my MA Medical Education while researching the experiences of Dental Care Professional Teaching Fellows in transition from clinical practice to educational practice. I have led on research projects exploring the effectiveness and acceptability of an oral care training programme for carers, and worked in partnership with a Southampton based charity to facilitate accessible involvement for vulnerable, older service users to give their thoughts on oral health and research involvements. I have supported a range of rapid evaluations including those exploring the systemwide Occupational Health and Wellbeing programme, the 350+ educational outreach programme, and the Happier Working Lives programme.

Why I love my job

I work with an amazing team who inspire me every day! I love the variety of my job and the innovative and iterative approaches we use to complete faster-paced, yet rigorous projects. I know that there is a real wealth of experience, ability and drive to make change within our community, and I absolutely love that I get to help facilitate that.

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