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Juliet Mosney

Patient Representative

I graduated from St Luke’s, Exeter University as a teacher of Physical Education and Science in 1995.  I then worked with Professor Neil Armstrong at the Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre, focussing on a longitudinal study of children’s health and activity levels.  I have since taught in various schools in Dorset and Wiltshire.  Frustratingly, since my teens, I have had many health issues which have certainly hindered my ambitions.  I am no longer able to teach, but feel confident that I have much to contribute.  I volunteer with local charities in Salisbury (Horatio’s Garden and Encircles) and I am always busy with my auntie duties. I spotted the opportunity to be a part of the Side by Side Team in an email from the Royal Voluntary Service as I am an NHS Volunteer Responder; the scheme set up during the pandemic to support vulnerable people in the community with shopping, prescription deliveries, patient transport, phone calls and stewarding at vaccination centres.  I am proud to be the  Volunteer Representative on the Advisory Board of the Scheme and it has been fascinating to have a small glimpse into how NHS England works, which has left me wanting to learn more.  

I am excited to see what opportunities present themselves for me to be able to share my experiences.  I am looking forward to being involved with Side by Side to encourage departments in what they are doing well and to offer an insight as a patient who is under multiple consultants, in a wide range of disciplines, in various hospitals.  Having turned 50 last year and still searching for a better and more helpful diagnosis, I am keen to promote joined up thinking about patients’ holistic care.  

Juliet Mosney
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