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Kerry Flett

Knowledge Specialist

My role

I am a Knowledge Specialist for the Academy of Research and Improvement.

My responsibilities

I am responsible for making sure people across the Trust have access to evidence (whether that’s through doing evidence searches, current awareness bulletins, or making sure e-resources are working), and that they feel comfortable using it in their work, research and learning.

My background

My first job at 16 was as a support worker for children and young people with multiple disabilities. I’ve carried that experience with me through my working life. I was originally a historian, and worked in historic sites, galleries and higher education before training to be a health librarian. My first job in the NHS was in a community and mental health trust ‘up north’, and after my training I came down to Portsmouth to work in the library service at QAH. In June 2020 I moved to Solent to take up this post.

Why I love my job

Evidence services can support staff across a Trust to feel more confident in their work and learning, and they’re key to making long lasting, positive change happen in patient care. High-quality evidence can be transformative if people feel comfortable with and want to use it. I love being a small part of trying to make that happen. I want the Knowledge Specialist service to be somewhere people can feel comfy, ask questions, and get support in ways that work for them, and I love being able to use my skills to put people in touch with resources that can help them.  

More about me

I’m a Scottish expat who has made themselves at home here in Hampshire. I have a very dry sense of humour and a love of browsing every homeware section ever. I write (badly), garden (atrociously), bake (quite well) and am learning how to play guitar (yikes).

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