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Talia Meyer-Wentzel

Creative Communications Manager

My role

I'm the Creative Communications Manager for the Academy, and lead on the marketing and communications we share with our communities.

My responsibilities

I'm responsible for promoting the mission, strategy and values of the Academy. I work closely alongside our teams in order to develop content that will share the findings from their projects, and help our communities understand the value of getting involved with research and improvement within the trust. I manage the Academy's social media and website platforms, including digital and print-based communications.

My background

Since graduating from Solent University in 2007 I have held a number of roles within the charity and education sectors; all with a focus on website management, digital engagement and marketing communications.

Why I love my job

I've always been drawn to roles that have a "human" element, hence my work history, so the Academy is a perfect fit given its focus on improving healthcare for our communities. In addition, I love roles that let me use my artistic and creative skills, as well as my knowledge of marketing techniques, technological capabilities and copywriting expertise. For this reason, my role as Creative Communications Manager is a dream role as I'm able to use the full breadth of my competencies on a daily basis, which is really exciting.

More about me

My husband is South African and we have been very fortunate to spend time in game reserves which combines animals with one of my other interests; photography. Spending time in nature helps me relax, so I go on a lot of dog walks. In addition, I love being creative so always have a supply of watercolours, acrylics and clay on hand. 

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