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Solent #1 for research activity

The Academy of Research & Improvement at Solent NHS Trust are delighted to be at the top of the National Institute for Health Research’s annual league tables (2017/18) for research activity in Care Trusts. Solent was named as the top performing Trust for both the volume of research (55 studies) and the number of people participating in studies (2362). This represents a significant increase (55%) on activity in 2016/17.

At Solent, we are very proud of this, not so much because of the numbers, but because of its reflection on our commitment to supporting our patients and those that work with us to be involved in research. Research gives access to new treatments and opportunities to learn new techniques. It is also well recognised that being a research active organisation increases the overall quality of care and patient outcomes.

As more care moves out of hospital and into the community, it is a privilege to be part of building the evidence base around how to do that well. We work in partnership with our communities (care homes, schools etc) , academic institutions and our patients to continue to expand the opportunities and it is great to see this recognised by the NIHR.

For information on the research that we participate in, see


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