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Solent ranked #1 for research activity for second year running

Solent NHS Trust has been recognised as the country’s best performing research centre in the category of ‘Care Trusts’ for the number of people recruited into studies, and the number of studies running in 2018/19.

For the second year running the Academy has topped the National Institute for Research’s (NIHR) league table for the number of participants recruited to studies, with 2855 people across Hampshire taking part in 50 research projects, which is an increase of 20.9% on 2017/18.

In addition, the Solent NHS Trust has been ranked as:

  • The number one care trust in England for supporting the most studies

  • In the top ten care trusts in England for the most improved percentage increase in recruitment to all studies

  • In the top ten care trusts in England for the most improved increase in recruitment to all studies.

Dr Daniel Meron, Chief Medical Officer for Solent NHS Trust, said: “We’re thrilled to be recognised again, for our dedication to increasing the number of studies that are carried out, as well as the number of our patients and others who have volunteered to participate.

The capacity for our Trust to deliver such high quality research is directly linked to the dedication of our clinical teams, collaborations with colleagues across our communities and Universities, and the strong partnerships we have with patients and the wider Solent community. With this in mind, I would like to thank those who give up their time to take part in research activities – without their involvement, none of this would be possible.”

Within the Trust, patients and others from across Solent communities have played a huge part in a number of studies, ranging from those looking at genetic determinants of disease, to others trialling interventions to improve health. One example of this involvement is a study that successfully supported people with mental health illness to quit smoking. In another example, the Trust has been trialling new methods of accelerating partner notification for sexually transmitted infections, by exploring the use of telephone communication, rather than face-to-face contact. Health Visitors have supported a range of studies supporting parents of children with language delay or challenging behaviour, and the Trust is also part of a programme of work looking at infection carriage rates following childhood vaccinations, in a bid to reduce antibiotic resistance.

Daniel, a research participant recommends taking part: “It’s really fun to take part in research and there’s a real sense that you are doing something to help other people.” Whilst Jo, another patient participant and member of our Sid-by-Side Ambassador group, notes: “For me it’s been important turning the negative of having a stroke in my mid 40s into a positive, helping clinicians and researchers see their services through the patient lens.”

Whilst the Trust’s increased research activity in 2018/19, there are already plans to continue expanding this activity in 2019/20, starting with the opening of a specialised Academy of Research and Improvement building at the St Mary’s Community Health Campus. The purpose-built structure will feature community space, clinical research rooms and a clinical trials pharmacy. Look out for more details in our latest news.

For full details on the League Tables, please visit the NIHR website.


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