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Take part in our survey

We're on a mission to find out how services at Solent NHS Trust work in partnership with patients, service users, families, community groups, businesses and others, to help us understand what we are doing really well and where services require more support.

To map the current activity, we have designed a survey which we invite Solent staff to complete and use to share the ways in which they are working in partnership.

You may have heard 'partnership working' spoken about in other terms, such as 'co-production', 'engagement' or 'patient and public involvement'. If you have been involved in work that encompasses any of these terms, please let us know what you have been up to and what support you feel you would benefit from.

If you are a patient, service user or member of the public who has been working in partnership with our services, we would like to hear from you too. You may notice that the survey is written predominantly for staff, so please only fill in the questions that are applicable to you.

The survey forms the first part of a wider project. Once we have reviewed the responses that we receive, we will be arranging face-to-face interviews with staff and patients who we feel we may have more to learn from. One of the outcomes from the project will be the creation of a toolkit which will support services to work in partnership with others more effectively.

Click here to complete our survey. If you have any questions, please email


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