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Taking your toddler for a Coronavirus test

Monday [4th May] began as a bit of a strange day; my five year old son woke up with a tummy ache and high temperature, which usually I wouldn’t have been too worried about, but since the world had been swept by this virus my first thought was "could it be Coronavirus?"

I was especially concerned as I’d heard some Covid-19 positive children had presented with a temperature and abdominal pain, so I phoned 111 and, whilst my instincts were saying this probably wasn’t Coronavirus, I couldn’t ignore the doubt and the possible implications if it was. Apart from the physical implications of the virus, not being able to go out of the house at all for two weeks was going to be mentally tough with two children under five.

Working in the NHS doesn’t come with the glitz and glamour compared to some jobs such as swanky wine and dine dinners, or hefty bonuses, but it does come with the bonus that when your health is in jeopardy you know your colleagues will have your back. You know you will be in the best possible hands, and that is priceless when it comes to our own health, and the health of our loved ones.

My son was booked in to be tested for Covid-19 the very next day; we drove to the testing location and there were no other cars, there was no long wait. We were greeted by friendly staff and the two nurses who did the test couldn’t have done more to put our minds at ease.

My son wasn’t so keen on having the test but I’d spoken to him about what he was to expect, and the nurses were brilliant while performing the swabs. We got his result back the following day, and I was so pleased to hear it was negative, and grateful for the team behind it all.

This is the drawing he made following his experience:


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