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Welcome to our Academy


I can’t tell you how proud and excited I am to be able to open the virtual doors to the Solent Academy of Research and Improvement. Later in the year we will have a formal launch, but for now, we’d really welcome any comments, corrections or suggestions for this website or indeed the Academy itself.

We offer an integrated approach to research, quality improvement and clinical effectiveness. Collectively, they form a great big bucket of tools to support on-going learning and improvement, and we’d like to think that anyone can use them, and find pride and enjoyment in doing so.

We see ourselves very much as a service to support both those that work for Solent, and those that touch our services, to lead projects in their own services. Those that run or access services have the best ideas about what would make them better, and we are here to help makes those ideas a reality, and to ensure that we show how any changes have made a difference. This integrated approach means we have a thriving culture of research and improvement across our Trust with loads of examples of programmes of work that are resulting in positive change.

A few thanks..

Solent NHS Trust really does put people at the heart of its culture and values, and we are lucky to have such great support from our Board and senior leadership team. We also have a fabulous group of people (patients and carers) who work with us as our ‘Side-by-Side’ group. The voice of those who use our services is a core part of any improvement and an integral part of our Academy.

We have many academic partners who have been massively supportive – I’d like to say a particular thank you to Professors Ann Rogers and Cathy Pope who are basically just wonderful people and really encouraged this integrated Academy model.

To my lovely, lovely team who are endlessly positive, really skilled and such fun to work with. They bring real joy to the work that we do together and will always be on hand to help you all. And finally of course, a very big thank you to Catherine, our very talented and endlessly patient comms manager, who has pulled this together so brilliantly.


We hope that this website, and the opportunities outlined in our prospectus help people to get involved – staff, patients, families, communities – anyone is welcome, please just get in touch.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


PS - all credit and applause for the structure and functionality of the site go to the clever gang in the Berkshire NHS Webteam


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