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CareCoachWP3 Feasibility trial



Open to:



The aim is to support people caring for someone with dementia in adapting to and overcoming many of the behavioural and emotional challenges associated with the condition by using the CareCoach carer support programme and one to one coaching.

Inclusion criteria

18 years or over
Currently caring for a person with dementia (may be a partner, family member, in-law, close friend or neighbour)
Have access to the internet (using a home computer/laptop/iPad/tablet or mobile phone with internet)
Spoken understanding of the English language (with the help of family translators if required)
The person with dementia was diagnosed within the last 5 years
The person with dementia lives at home

Exclusion criteria

Potential participants with insufficient cognitive abilities to engage with the online programme
Overburdened, as determined by study staff.
If the person with dementia they care for currently resides in a care home

What is involved?

8-week online support programme with a specialist coach

Interested in taking part?

Email the team to find out more:

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