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Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Families Project (PFP)


Neurological conditions

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The researchers aim to understand more about the genetics of Parkinson's and other movement disorders, in order to develop better tests and medications that could help slow, stop or prevent Parkinson's.

Inclusion criteria

The patient must have a current diagnosis of a movement disorder, as defined by a specialist, and fit into one or more of the below three categories.
Patients with early onset movement disorder: Motor symptoms started at or before the age of 45.
Patients with family history of movement disorder: The patient has first, second or third degree family member(s) affected by a movement disorder. Family member does not have to be living
Patients who carry a known movement disorder genetic mutation

Exclusion criteria

Lack of capacity to provide consent AND there is no consultee available to act in the
participant’s interest. If a consultee is available, then a patient lacking capacity to consent may be recruited.

What is involved?

Blood test

Interested in taking part?

Email the team to find out more:

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