Solent Covid-19 evaluation and learning

Learning from Covid-19 at Solent NHS Trust

Please note: this page is not intended to provide any healthcare advice relating to Covid-19. For the most up-to-date information including updates and advice, health and well-being resources and guidance for visitors, please refer to the Solent NHS Trust website.

What we are doing and how you can be part of it

The scale of the Covid-19 outbreak and its impact is unprecedented and has changed the way in which we are able to look after those in our care. It’s meant that we’ve had to redesign the way that we deliver existing services, and open up some new ones.

These changes have happened at speed, with people working in different ways, different roles, different locations and sometimes even in different professions altogether. This also means that, as an Academy, the way we work in partnership with patients or support Solent teams, has to be done differently to ensure we stay socially distant and keep people safe.

Take a look at our 'Using Rapid Evaluation Approaches' webpage to learn more about the methodologies that our teams are using for this project.

What this means for you...

We want to share with you our response and learning from Covid-19, as well as the thoughts of our staff and patients. We want to provide this in an honest, open and sometimes unfiltered format. With this in mind, you’re going to see us posting a lot of content focused on Sharing Our Learning as well as Our People and Their Stories.

We’d love to hear from you, your stories, your experiences so please drop us an email:

What we've being doing so far...

We've put together an infographic to help explain some of the changes that have already been taking place across the Trust, including:

- Rapid Appraisal
- Appreciative Inquiry
- Rapid Ethnography (a form of inquiry that looks at people and cultures)
- Co-design

(Please click to see the full infographic image).