Jo Taylor

Older Persons Mental Health Research Nurse

Core team

My role

I am a mental health nurse by ‘trade’. Since qualifying in 2010 I have broadened my horizons by working in research as an Older Persons Mental Health nurse. This includes working with patients and their carers. Patients have various diagnosis of dementia  including Alzheimer’s Disease, vascular dementia, mixed dementia and frontal lobe dementia.

My responsibilities

In a nutshell… I recruit patients and their carers onto studies, and manage the studies that the Older Person's Mental Health team run.

My background

I have worked in various mental health settings including the elderly and adult, both in the UK and Australia.

Why I love my job

I feel that working as an older person's mental health nurse I am fighting against ‘the demon’, Dementia! I love working with older people and listening to their experiences of life.

More about me

I am a working mother with various hobbies, including boogie bounce, body balance, swimming, reading and walking. Healthy body, healthy mind!

Current projects/research studies

Alzheimers Disease Genetics

Falls in Care Homes

The TACIT trial

Adult Autism