Ken Ebbens

Patient and Public Respresentative


My role

I am a member of Side-by-Side - the patient and public involvement for the Academy of Research and Improvement.

My responsibilities

As a Side-by-Side member I am able to share the patient and public perspective on a range of Research and Improvement activity. It is my responsibility to hold the Academy to account for how it involves patients, carers and families in its work.

My background

I first became involved with Side-by-Side following a discussion with Sarah Williams (Associate Director for Research and Improvement) some years ago and the realisation for me that research is the most important aspect of health moving forwards.

I am interested in all aspects of health and its provision - especially dementia, Adult Mental Health, cancer, carers, complaints and communication. I am also a board member of Healthwatch Portsmouth. 

I have been involved in a range of research activity, including UPAN/ENGAGE via the university, as well as other activity via NIHR and Healthwatch Portsmouth.

Why I love being in Side-by-Side 

I enjoy the chance to heard and perhaps influence, on an equal level with professionals. Side-by-Side group embodies values such as 'credibility', 'teamwork', and 'mutual respect'.

More about me