Meredith Turner

Research Assistant

Core team

My role

I am a Clinical Research Assistant.

My responsibilities

I am a Clinical Research Assistant working in Adult Mental Health for Solent NHS Trust. I help with the documenting and filing of studies, whilst also accompanying the research nurse out on visits to patients and even consenting patients myself into research studies.

I perform searches on the research study database where all new, upcoming research studies are 'advertised' and deliver any research studies I find on this database to the research nurse in order to consider running in our department. I take part in all stages of the research journey, from finding the study, completing feasibility, consenting patients and archiving the paperwork.

My background

I am new to healthcare. I am currently completing the final year of my degree. I have always been facinated by, and wanted to work in healthcare. I love working with patients, particularly those with serious mental illness. I origionally came to the team on a student placement and was lucky enough to be offered some hours to stay on!

Why I love my job

I love my job becuase it is so varied. No two days are the same in research! I love how engaged patients feel in research and how it empowers them to make a difference to future healthcare. I love the team I work in, who are supportive, kind, funny and caring. I love that every day there is a new challenge, and a new thing to be learned.

More about me

Outside of work I love socialising with friends, practicing yoga, eating out and reading books! I find it very hard to stay still - I am always on the go! I love shopping and great coffee. I love to travel, I have visited 23 countries and counting! Next on my list is Bali..

Current projects/research studies

REDUCE- supporting patients to come off of anti-depressants

Lifestyle, health and wellbeing - a questionnaire into the lifestyle factors of someone with serious mental illness

CAP-MEM - the cause and prevalence of memory problems in people with serious mental illness

Social Work Study - Exploring the role and contribution of social work in community mental health teams

Published work