Ryesha-May Lee

Administration and Communications Assistant

Core Team

023 8054 0457

My role

I am the Administration and Communications Assistant based at St Mary’s Hospital in Portsmouth.

My responsibilities

  • To condense research documents into single-paged summaries
  • To ensure that all documents I produce are accessible and jargon-free
  • To keep the ‘Our Research’ section of the Academy’s website up to date

My background

I spent seven years at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School where I completed my GCSEs and A-Levels before starting at the University of Portsmouth in September 2017 to study Biomedical Science. During my second year at the University of Portsmouth, I competed for a place to volunteer at The Academy of Research and Improvement as part of one of my optional units, an experience I enjoyed very much. Fortunately, following my placement, I was given the opportunity to continue working at The Academy of Research and Improvement part-time as I completed the final year of my undergraduate.

Why I love my job

I love my job because, as someone who has spent all their education believing that research meant working in a laboratory, my placement and subsequent job has allowed me to have a more holistic understanding of what the term ‘research’ actually means. Not to mention the fact that I work with an amazing team.

More about me

I am a member of the University of Portsmouth Athletics team, despite not being very good. My other hobbies include singing, cycling, spending time with friends and swimming.

I often volunteer for Sea Shepherd, a non-profit ocean conservation society, where I participate in local beach cleans and try and spread awareness about the importance of our oceans.