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Solent Awards and Recognition Ceremony 2023

The 2023 Solent Awards and Recognition ceremony coincided with the NHS 75th birthday. It was wonderful to celebrate and recognise the contributions of people, colleagues and partners of Solent NHS Trust. It was an opportunity to come together to celebrate the dedication, commitment, and learning from across the organisation.

As an Academy of Research and Improvement we advocated, nominated, and supported three awards; Research, Improvement and People Partnership Awards. We also want to say a big thank you to Amanda Barfield, Side-by-Side member, for being part of the judging panel and presenting one of the awards.

This year’s nominations were inspiring for the difference they had made to services and people. A big well done to the winners and all of those nominated for the outstanding contributions and differences they have made through their work.

For the Research Award, Podiatrist Emily Leach, received acknowledgement for her research on orthotics supported by a National Institute for Health and Care Research Initiation Award.

Lower Brambles and Fanshaw Wards, were presented as teams with the Improvement Award. The Royal South Hants based wards were recognised for their efforts in relieving post covid pressures on community beds.

We are very proud of our very own Penny Reid, Side-by-Side member, in receiving the People Partnership Award. Penny is a pivotal person within the Quality Improvement leader network, where she shares her insights from lived experience of services, her business and leadership skills. Thank you, Penny, for your dedication and passion to driving improvements across services.

"Thank you all for welcoming me to the Academy and giving me the opportunity to be involved in the QI and Side-by-Side projects during the last four years. I was bowled over just to receive a nomination for an award and to actually receive it was very poignant. I look forward to continuing my involvement with you for as long as I have value to add."

Penny Reid Side-by-Side member

We were very honoured to be invited to attend as the Academy to celebrate and enjoy the event alongside colleagues and Side-by-Side members; Tracey Herald, Penny Reid, and Amanda Barnfield.

Academy Team at the Solent Awards Ceremony 2023
Academy Team at the Solent Awards Ceremony 2023


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