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The power of co-production in Quality Improvement

Our QI Practitioner Programme not only supports teams in learning and delivering quality improvement initiatives, but also ensures that these initiatives are focused on challenges that are important to both the team and the people who use the service.

Take for example our Children and Family therapy service. Hayley Smith Occupational Therapist and Rosie Stokes, Speech and Language Assistant joined the QI practitioner with the aim to improve the parent material about the service and what it can provide whilst waiting to be seen by the service.

Hayley and Rosie learnt the value of collaboration, and they wanted to involve parents and families right from the start of their project. In doing so, they not only gained valuable insights, but also helped others understand the challenge they wanted to tackle. Together, they co-produced solutions that address the challenges. By working hand in hand with parents and families, Hayley and Rosie are not only delivering changes but also empowering others to be part of the solution leading to better outcomes for all. But for Hayley and Rosie the impact of co-production extends beyond just one project or initiative it has transformed their thinking about co-production. Hear how it made a difference to them.


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