PROBAND (Closed to Recruitment)

This study is designed to improve our understanding of the mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease, in particular to explore the variations in Parkinson’s disease which are known to occur in the four following areas:

  1. Motor features – tremor, stiffness, slowness and poor balance
  2. The involvement of memory
  3. The degree of improvement with medication
  4. The presence of other symptoms including bowel, bladder and blood pressure control.

We think that there are gene variations that explain the different ways in which Parkinson’s affects the person with the disease. We know about some genes that are linked to Parkinson’s, but this is only in 5% of cases.

Who can be involved?

  • A person with Parkinson's disease and their close relatives

What happens to people taking part in this research?

A DNA sample will be taken via a blood test, and a number of questionnaires and assessments of movement and memory will be performed.


This study has now closed to recruitment. We are currently awaiting results. In the meantime if you would like to find out more please complete the following form:





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