The Solent Care Home Research Partnership (CHRP)

The Solent Care Home Research Partnership is one of our community research partnership streams. It sees Solent's Academy of Research and Improvement working alongside local care homes in Portsmouth, Southampton and the surrounding areas, to offer residents the opportunity to take part in research. We are currently expanding this model to include local care agencies who visit patients in their own homes.

Any local care home or agency can be involved if they have an interest in research and evidence based practice. The Academy team identify studies that might be of interest to local care homes or agencies, together we review the studies, assess whether they are doable and whether clients would find them interesting.

If everyone is happy the Academy team undertake all the necessary governance, ethical and regulatory checks to ensure the research is safe. We then provide experienced staff to come into the home and deliver the study alongside care home/agency staff. Each study is different and may require different amounts of involvement but generally we are there to help as much as we can.

As part of the partnership we can also offer training to local staff around evidence based practice and we ensure we feedback the results of studies to care home/agency teams. Teams may also like to be further involved in the research process by contributing to new and forthcoming research ideas. We can help build partnerships with Solent clinical academics or with our university partners.

Why get involved in research?



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