Your research project

These pages are designed to support you to undertake your project. The Academy of Research and Improvement can provide support and guidance through all stages of the project from project design, getting the right approvals in place, carrying out the research, right through to spreading the word about your results.

Contact us as early as you can in your project development so we can help your research become a success. There are also plenty of extra resources available that you may find helpful.

Getting started
Our road map to research is an interactive flow chart guiding you through the different stages of the ethics and governance approvals process

Involving patients and the public
Find out why involving patients and the public in your research benefits everyone and how to go about it

Your study on the NIHR Portfolio
Access free support from the Research and Improvement team to recruit patients to your study

On-going study management
See our Top tips on carrying out your research including dealing with amendments, study management and safety issues

Sharing your results
Explore how to let people know about your project and what impact it might have on patient care